Pearl Harbor – 80th Anniversary

Travel to Pearl Harbor December 4-8, 2021

with HMC and Music Celebrations International

Trip FAQ’s

1. Accounts can be set up by clicking on the link in the INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION PDF. Be sure to bookmark this link so you may return to make future payments and upload documents.
2. You do not need to create a new account for those traveling with you that are paying with the same credit card. If paying with the same credit card, you will select Add a Participant in the same account.
3. There is no late fee for anyone joining after March 10th.
4. MCI will send out payment reminders two weeks prior, following their payment schedule.
5. If anyone plans to extend their stay at the Marriott on either side of the 4th-8th, please let Dani Charvoz know. MCI will provide a quote for your review.
6. Please direct travel insurance questions to Laura-Hill Taylor.
7. Please ignore sections in the portal regarding checks as checks are not accepted.
8. Questions about your invoice? Please email
9. If you are arranging your own travel, download the Landing Only form from the MCI portal, complete and upload the form back into the MCI portal. Ignore the Group Leader information. MCI will gather this information, not HMC.

*From MCI – Hello Houston Masterworks Chorus Tour Participants,If you are wanting to arrange your own flights and change to the land-only tour cost, then we must receive your signed land-only form before we can make these changes to your account.

You can access the land-only form by logging into the tour portal.

Once you have uploaded your signed form, please allow us a few days to update your account.

These forms are not due until the end of July, so you do have time to make your decision. However, we do recommend to purchase your flights sooner than later to receive the best fares (if you are wanting to arrange your own flights).

Insurance FAQ’s

MCI provides “standard” level of coverage at no cost to the traveler.  The coverage amount is only $600.

Traveler has the option of purchasing “premium” coverage and there are 2 option for this coverage.

A         Traveler chooses the amount of coverage he/she wants.  This coverage covers trip cancellation for the specific reasons listed in the policy.  They are the usual reasons, illness, death (both apply to the traveler and family members of traveler), work related, natural disasters, etc.  Standard reasons for all travel insurance policies.

B         This policy covers what is call “Cancel For Any Reason” (CFAR) and is exactly what is says.  If you decide you simply don’t want to go it pays the coverage amount you’ve purchased.  It is more expensive than Premium A coverage.


Both A & B premiums are determined on the dollar amount the traveler wishes to cover.

Also, according to the documents from MCI, pre-existing medical conditions have been waived.  This is a big plus.  This can be important since if the traveler has had any change in an existing medical condition, including a change in the dosage of medications being taken, within 60 days prior to the purchase of the policy, then the cancellation for illness clause is not applicable and there is no coverage.  MCI has waived this.

*MCI Insurance covers ONLY the MCI portion of the trip. If you are extending your trip on either side, you will need separate coverage.

Contact Carol Mallett  with Amazing Outlooks for a quote if you’d like to extend your trip on either side. This is not related to the MCI portion of the trip.