HMC is an auditioned chorus of dedicated singers who simply love to make beautiful music.


We are delighted that you are interested in auditioning for the Houston Masterworks Chorus. We meet in the Chapelwood United Methodist Choir Room – 11140 Greenbay St, Houston, 77024, Monday evenings 7-9 pm.



“As a new member of the Houston Masterworks Choral, this has been a great experience for me.  I love these singers, and most of the singers are trained, great sight readers, and truly beautiful musicians.


The audition process is a little frightening, but once I determined the value of the audition, it made it tolerable!  It’s simply a discovery as to what my skills are in pitch management, sight reading, musicianship and vocal timbre and range possibilities.


After spending most of my youth and my college years singing and performing roles in operas, playing piano for churches and musical theatre,  I chose a different career using my fine art skills to make a living.  Although I have maintained a connection with music all these many years, something was missing for me.  LIVE PERFORMANCE.  HMC has given me a space to perform live and to sharpen my singing, sight reading skills and allows me to get back into the potential of making beautiful music.


Maestro Paulo Gomes is a wonderful leader, conductor, and musician.  He is encouraging, but also a realist about what it takes to become a top notch singing chorale. I appreciate his attention to detail, which many choral directors would simply gloss over.  Not so with Maestro Gomes, he listens and reacts to the group with demands that make real music possible.


So, if you have something missing in your core about wanting or needing to sing, perform and make great music, I believe you should give yourself a little stretch and set up your audition today!

Making music inspires me, keeps me striving to become a better musician, singer and performer, and truly makes me smile from the inside out!”


Aaron Ellisor

HMC Audition Process

Auditions: Mondays, 6-6:30 pm,  Chapelwood United Methodist. 


Reaching for Artistic Excellence

We believe that choral fulfillment comes from singing challenging and interesting music and singing it well. HMC performs diverse musical masterworks, showcases new compositions and talent, and moves people out of the ordinary. We are looking for musicians who are singers, we hold ourselves to the highest musical standards. If you are an experienced choral singer, we encourage you to audition. 


To maintain our HMC high standard, each member should be listened to every two years.

We expect every singer to:

  • Understand a music score in terms of notes, dynamics and score markings.
  • Study the music before each rehearsal, sing in tune and with good tonal quality.
  • Sing all concerts during the entire season.
  • Purchase their own music, pay annual dues of $100, purchase concert attire.


The audition process will consist of three required components: vocalizing, singing a solo and sight-singing.



  • We will vocalize with you and you are welcome to share your personal warm-up if you prefer,  showing your upper and lower range and intonation.


Sing a solo piece (The piece should be 3 minutes maximum. Please bring two copies, one for the accompanist and one for the panel). 

  •  We suggest that you choose a piece that is comfortable for your vocal range, that you like to sing, possibly an art song, hymn, oratorio or opera. 



  • You will be asked to sight-read a short choral excerpt with accompaniment. You may use solfege, numbers, or neutral syllable, according to your preference. 
  • You will have time to practice the sight-reading excerpt out loud and we will observe your sight-reading process. We expect mistakes, starts and stops, so do not worry if your rendition is not perfect.


*You will sing for a panel of one-to-three people who will score the audition individually, determining your membership to join Houston Masterworks Chorus.


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Chapelwood United Methodist Church | Choir Room | 11140 Greenbay St, Houston, TX 77024

We will meet in the Choir Room - 11140 Greenbay St, Houston, TX 77024

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