About Us


Performing diverse masterworks, showcasing new compositions and talent, moving people out of their ordinary.



A choral community celebrating and connecting people through the power of music inspiring, uplifting, and educating. 

Artistic Director, Dr. Paulo Gomes, conducts the auditioned, volunteer chorus showcasing Houston’s cultural richness through traditional and contemporary choral masterworks. We regularly hire local soloists, musicians, and technicians to augment performances. 


Belonging is more important than ever and HMC’s supportive and inclusive choral community meets this need. Our rehearsal schedule makes singing accessible for those with time constraints. High school/college age students and those reentering the choral community can maintain their love of singing for a lifetime. 97% of our singers return each year.


Dr. Gomes creates seasonal partnerships with HMC’s vision and mission in mind. 

  • Brazos Valley Orchestra, by invitation
  • Houston Jazz Band
  • Festival Hill Institute, by invitation
  • Houston Boychoir
  • Space City Sound 
  • HISD Inertia Dance Company
  • Chapelwood United Methodist Church. Houston Festival of Choirs


We’re developing a younger, more diverse chorus, performing in large and small venues from Active Passion Cafe to MATCH. HMC partners with Houston Show Choir and Space City Sound for concerts, and fun recruiting nights at the Houston Cidercade and Richmond Arms Pub. 


We make a difference in the communities where we sing. As Houston’s Chorus, we spread the gift of music and serve people not yet exposed to our music. This year, we perform on the campus of Open Door Mission with the Men’s Chorus, ReCenter (Addiction Recovery), and Lockhart Women’s Prison. 


Each event gives us the opportunity to collaborate with skilled community artists of all ages, backgrounds, and musical experiences. We have performed choral masterpieces in alternative spaces with professional dancers, composers, artists, musicians, and poets from around the world. Seeking excellence is our constant, motivating force. 


HMC History

  • Dr. Ara Carapetyan and his wife Cherrie, founded The Houston Oratorio Society in 1986, now known as the Houston Masterworks Chorus. Although our name has changed, our mission has remained faithful to musically connect with the community, broaden our knowledge of singing genres, and expand our reach to include other cultures. 
  • Director Bob Brewer developed insights into the great masterworks. 
  • Dr. Allen Hightower expanded the chorus and increased musicianship. 
  • Dr. Craig Hella Johnson explored contemporary composers, broadened audiences and increased sponsorships. 
  • Tom Jaber took us from Carnegie Hall, New York City, to Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Italy.
  • Dr. Paulo Gomes introduces us to unique partnerships and multicultural music and took the Chorus to Hawaii for the 80th Anniversary Commemoration of Pearl Harbor, 2021. 


Reach out for a conversation if you’re interested in exploring the joy and excitement of live choral music. We’d love you to join us on our journey.


Contact us at office@houstonmasterworks.org