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Attracting singers from across the globe, we invite you to make Houston Masterworks Chorus your destination. 

First virtual choir project release date: October 15

Holiday virtual choir project begins September 14th. Sign up now!


Join us in singing, giving, and sharing our vision and mission:

A choral community that celebrates and connects people through the power of music that inspires, uplifts, and educates. 

Performing diverse masterworks, showcasing new compositions and talent, and moving people out of their ordinary.


The global pandemic has changed everything. Yet with discomfort comes growth. HMC is prepared and ready to take on the challenge in unimagined ways. The virtual world of recording is a platform linking people through the power of the human voice. We now have the ability to reach more people, to expand our audience, and to share the gift of making music together. 

Performing for live audiences has not limited us. Instead we welcome the challenge to use our creativity, flexibility, and here’s our plan. 


We will:

  • Produce virtual concerts with new singers and new partners locally, nationally and internationally 
  • Invite professionals to provide online education to enhance our skills and knowledge
  • Partner with non-profit arts organizations such as  Ad Deum Dance Company, Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra, Blinn College District Chamber Choir,  Houston soloists and local composers
  • Most importantly we will continue to seek out underserved communities that reflect Houston’s diverse cultures: Worthing High School, Lighthouse for Students, Equal Opportunity for Women in Prison Choir (, Helping Hands Homeless Ministry, Prison Entrepreneurship Program (


Won’t you join us?


Sing with us –  Connecting with others across the United States, and across the globe

Inspire and uplift us with your talents 

Give your treasure –  Donate to help us realize our new  programs and the administration that makes it all come alive.

Give your time –  Volunteer to run partnership programs, chorus sectionals, fundraise to support community projects: purchase instruments for high schools; develop school choral programs to seed our future.


Contact us at We’d love to hear from you!

Houston Masterworks Chorus is a choral community celebrating and connecting with people through the power of music, that inspires, uplifts, and educates.


Mission: Performs diverse masterworks, showcases new compositions and talent, and moves people out of their ordinary.